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Church History from 1740s

The Brick Church

 A Brief History  (1740s – current)

of the Tinicum United Church of Christ

Early German settlers gathered to worship in the mid-1700s in Tinicum Township (founded 1738). In 1789, a group of six trustees bought property on which to build a church. The original church building was made from logs and shared by two congregations, the German Reformed (Calvanist Germans) and the Lutherans.

By 1808, the two groups outgrew the log structure and built a new brick building on that site. Ever expanding, in 1861 the two congregations purchased more land close by, the present site of The Brick Church. The new brick building was distinguished by a 160’ steeple.

In July of 1907, all was destroyed in a fire that left only the outside walls. The tip of the church steeple, thought to have been hit by lightning as the cause of the fire, is on display in the current church at that site. The possibility of arson was not completely ruled out.

It was during this transition that the Reformed congregation bought out the Lutherans’ share for $900. The Lutherans built a stone church less than a mile west along Dark Hollow Road. By 1908, the present church was completed and dedicated.

The United Church of Christ was formed in 1957 nationally by merging the Evangelical and Reformed, Christian and Congregational churches. In 1962, the Upper Tinicum congregation sold their share in a church building to join the Lower Tinicum congregation, forming the current Tinicum United Church of Christ.

Artwork by Anne Spadea Darrow Combs

Pastoral History

Service Dates                Names

1789-1792               Frederick William Van Der Sloot

1792-1796              John Mann

1796-1808              John H. Hoffmeyer

1808-1811              Jacob William DeChant

1811-1843               Samuel Starh

1844-1859              William T. Gerhard

1859-1874              David Rothrock

1874-1876              William H. Bates

1876-1886              George E. Roth

1886-1888              H. A. Bomberger

1888-1892              T. C. Strock

1892-1908              H. F. Long

1908-1934              John W. Gilds

1935-1940              Edward L. Schlingman

1940-1943              Harry F. Fenstermacher

1944-1949              Roger L. Koehler

1950-1960              Victor Steinberg

1960-1961               Ralph Hartman (interim)

1962-1965               William E. Feldt

1966-1969               R. David Koch

1969-1973               William Tyson

1974-1978               Daniel T. Moser

1979-1980               Windsor Haskel

1980-1984               Terry Schmitt

1985-1999               Karl Gabler

1999                      Roger Buchanan (interim)

2000                      Mary Capron (interim)

2001-2003               Merle Alderfer

2003-2008               Elaine Ely

2008-2010               Gary Caton

2010-2015              Michele Schenk (Licensed  preacher)      

          2015-2016                      Ginny Beyer, (Licensed Preacher)

2016-2017                 Erin Jacobson  (Seminary Student)

Present:                     Reverend David Ellis